Issued by Hands Off Syria
Hands off Syria welcomes Iran’s decision to help the brave Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to retake the Strategic province of Idlib from the terrorist group ‘ISIS. and her sisters,’ in Syria.

Dr Tim Anderson, a spokesperson for Hands Off Syria, said “Iran has vowed to help defend Syria ‘to the end.’

“Thousands of Iranian and Iraqi troops have been sent to back the SAA in western Syria as the US coalition against ISIS has clearly been ineffective,” Dr Anderson added.

The coalition of resistance forces have already engaged with Islamists in the northern province of Idlib, and are reported to have retaken four towns.

Iran’s move was finally triggered by Turkey’s direct involvement in the invasion of Idlib, several weeks back, by a force of more than 10,000 terrorists.

Turkish media have shown images of Turkish army provision of weapons to a number of terrorist groups. Turkish soldiers have also been captured in Idlib.

Dr Anderson stated that Iran has a defence treaty with Syria which can only be invoked in the case of a direct invasion.

This new move certainly carries with it the risk of escalation. However the long-term, direct involvement of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, in particular, could no longer go unanswered.

Syria’s real friends have responded.

Hands off Syria, Sydney.