By Ziad Fadel
Source: Syrian Perspectives

When the Chief of the Syrian General Staff appears at the front, something big always happens in the aftermath.

We can confirm to our readers that 20,000 members of Iran’s elite Republican Guards (Quds Force) have disembarked at Latakia as of 2 days ago. General Solaymaani, its commander, has been arguing for exactly that for months.

Turkey’s open aggression against Syria was the reason that finally swayed the Supreme Religious Leader, Ayatollah Khaamen`iy, to approve the measure. Syria and Iran have a mutual defense pact which can be triggered only by an invasion from another nation state.

Turkey’s injection of army regulars in support of the Alqaeda terrorists at Idlib was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was a reckless act by Erdoghan indicating frustration and failure.

The IRGC forces will be augmented gradually as the first wave is integrated directly into strategy, tactics and communication with the Syrian Army’s field commanders. The first target is Jisr Al-Shughoor whose liberation will augur the retreat of all rats from Areehaa.

This is a signal moment in the history of this conflict. It answers many of our readers’ questions as to why Iran has not intervened directly much earlier. Moreover, the intervention had to have been done with the approval of the Russian Federation.