By Arabi Souri
Source: Syria News
Idlib southern countryside villages are getting cleaned in order to implement Sochi’s agreement between Russian President Putin and the Turkish pariah Erdogan.

After very long stalling by NATO member state Turkey and the main regional sponsor of al-Qaeda FSA terrorists, the Syrian Arab Army SAA with assistance from the Russian allies started a military operation in south and southeast of Idlib province to implement the main points of the Sochi Agreement between Russia and Turkey which is to clean the vital artery M4 between Aleppo and Latakia from NATO terrorists, Erdogan has deliberately failed to implement his part of the agreement and instead increased the support for these terrorists.

The SAA’s military operation that started yesterday swiftly took al-Qaeda terrorists by surprise, their sponsor, the Turkish madman ‘Mama Erdogan’ lost his balance and lashed out at Putin, indirectly, but at a brewing front very far from Syria, in Libya, where Turkey and Qatar are sponsoring the Tripoli government against Benghazi government.

Erdogan’s ‘dirty tongue’ accused Russia of sending paramilitary troops to aid the Benghazi government forces which are working to reunite the country and clean the Libyan capital Tripoli from ISIS and its affiliates.

Back to Syria’s Idlib where the SAA is resorting to the successful tactic by cutting off supply routes for NATO-sponsored al-Qaeda terrorists then surrounding the targeted area and leaving one corridor open for the terrorists to flee towards the direction the SAA wants, always north towards their sponsor.

More in this report by the Lebanese news channel Al-Mayadeen:SAA Military Operation

Transcript of the English translation of the video report:

Um Jalal, Al-Rabia, Al-Khuriba, and Al-Haira are the first villages in the southern and eastern countryside of Idlib which the Syrian Arab Army units enter at the beginning of a major battle that is gradually becoming clear.

The advancement of the incursion units was based on a concentrated fire through airstrikes and artillery and rocket shelling that extended over the axes of the two major cities of Saraqeb and Ma’rat al-Numan.

The shelling destroyed large fortifications and gatherings of the HTS (Nusra Front – Al-Qaeda Levant), ‘The Caucasus Soldiers’ and ‘The National Liberation Front.’

Mahmoud Abdeslam, Military Expert: The Syrian Arab Army advanced after a clean operation by targeting a pre-defined target bank with high-precision quality weapons that led to the completion of the destruction of ground defenses and the main repellent lines of terrorist groups on the entire 70-kilometer front starting from Khan Sheikhoun towards Ma’rat al-Numan and Saraqeb.

The momentum of the fighting continues with a gradual encroachment that the Syrian Arab Army crowned last August to retake Khan Sheikhoun. Army units, in coordination with the Russian ally, are completing a clear route to secure the two vital routes: M5 between Aleppo, Saraqeb and Ma’rat al-Numan to Damascus, and the M4 between Aleppo and Saraqeb to Jisr al-Shughour, Latakia.

Two tracks correspond to the current fighting from Sinjar-Abu Al-Dhohour towards Ma’rat al-Numan and from Abu Al-Dhohour to Jaziraaya in the southern Aleppo countryside to Saraqeb, east of Idlib, and the M4-M5 link.

Mahmoud Abdul Salam, Military Expert: The main objective of this operation is to enforce the Sochi Convention by force and to reopen the main roads of the M4 and M5, especially since the main road known as the M4 has been opened to passengers from the far north-east of Syria.

The Idlib front is designed to implement one of the most important provisions of the Russian-Turkish Sochi agreement, namely the restoration of the two highways from Aleppo to Damascus and from Aleppo to Latakia, and the two roads passing through Saraqeb.

(Agreement) articles blocked by the militants since the end of last year.

The implementation of the Sochi clauses confirms the success of the strategy of the gradual encroachment of territorial geography, which the terrorists were controlling for years. The completion of the mission is linked to Russian arrangements with Turkey to handle the file of 3 Turkish checkpoints that are at the center of combat operations.

Mohammed al-Khader, Damascus, Al-Mayadeen.

End of the transcript of the English translation.

Anticipating the SAA’s military operation, the terrorist groups operating in Idlib started moving their families northwest towards Idlib City and to the borders with Turkey where protests erupted against the Turkish rejection of receiving the rest of the families of its own terrorists. Turkey might have allowed up to 50,000 family members of the terrorists, they’re part of the Erodgan’s ‘Safe Zone’ arrangement to Israelize territories in the north of Syria by replacing the people there with terrorists and their families loyal to the Turkish madman.