Lizzie Phelan RT’s correspondent visits a “Hanano” school in the recent liberated neighbourhoods of Aleppo.

The school was bombed by SAA and allies as the terrorists had turned it into their command post. Phelan visited the remnants of the school and films large quantities of highly toxic material with western labels such as Detia Gas and others, used by the terrorists to manufacture chemical bombs.

The school, or what used to be a school was turned into a base of operation by terrorists, they barricaded it and established a site where propane tankers, that are used as mortars to target civilians living in government held areas, are clearly seen next to it.

German manufactured chemicals and other Western equipment were confiscated inside, equipment that are not used by SAA thus no one can claim they were stolen from SAA’s warehouses. [See Detia Gas distributor here: Detia Gas

Footage by Lizzie Phelan available here: Operation Dawn