By Sarah Abdallah
BREAKING: Mass surrender of « jihadists » just north of the Aleppo Citadel. The Al-Qaeda groups’ humiliating withdrawal comes after the Syrian Arab Army and its allies freed 8 districts today, including Al-Shaar. 73% of East Aleppo is now in SAA hands and the advancement continues. Liberation of Al-Shaar is of particular significance as it was the mercenaries’ second-most important position in all of East Aleppo and it splits what remains of the Al-Qaeda groups into yet another pocket, weakening them even further. Crushing defeat is stating it mildly. With today’s progress, the SAA and its allies are now right around the corner from the aforementioned ultra-vital Aleppo Citadel. Once this and its surrounding areas are retaken, the battle is over. Hysteria in Washington, « Tel Aviv », Ankara, Paris, London, Riyadh and Doha is at peak levels. They poured everything into the fight for Aleppo and lost. Long live Syria! Total victory fast approaches!