The idea that the war started because the government repressed a movement calling for democratic reforms which then morphed into a full-blown insurgency is absurd – initially there were two separate “oppositions” to the Syrian government, one calling for democratic reforms, and the other seeking to violently overthrow the state, the government has implemented the desired democratic reforms while predictably resisting the anti-democratic Wahhabi Islamist forces and their brutal sectarian terrorism.

Most of the massacres alleged against the Syrian government (Houla, East Ghouta, Daraya, Aqrab) are proven false-flag attacks, carried out by Wahhabi extremists to blame the government.

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According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (which is hostile to the Syrian government and boasts the FSA flag on its website) around 49 to 71 percent of the insurgency’s war-dead are FOREIGNERS as against 5 percent for the government.


The “White Helmets”, lauded as heroes in the west, can also be seen carrying weapons and helping al Qaeda carry out executions – they should more accurately be called an al Qaeda linked organisation.


The US Ambassador in Damascus, William Roebuck began suggesting plans to destabilise Syria, including to “play on Sunni fears of Iranian influence” as early as December 2006, according to Wikileaks.

US. & British Special Forces were training fighters inside Syria to fight the Syrian govt as early as 2011, according leaked emails obtained by Wikileaks from US intelligence asset Stratfor.

The CIA has spent at least $1 billion on “Syria-related operations” including the training of up to 10,000 fighters in Turkey, according to “documents The Washington Post obtained from former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden”.

In April 2012 a former Saudi Major General Anwar al Eshki told the BBC about how they had armed insurgents at the al Omari Mosque in Daraa in March 2011.

Saudi Arabia in early 2012 was committed to overthrowing the Syrian government ““by all means available” according to a leaked Saudi memo published by Wikileaks.

By May 2013 Qatar had spent up to $3 billion arming the insurgency although “rebel and diplomatic sources put the figure at $1bn at most”.

In May 2013 the EU lifted their oil sanctions on Syria to make it legal for European entities to buy oil from al Nusra and Islamic State.

In May 2015 Britain joined “American-led efforts to train 5,000 Syrian insurgents every year for the next three years” to fight the Syrian government and Islamic State.

Google and Al Jazeera helped the US government build tools to help track defections of Syrian government soldiers, according to Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails published by Wikileaks.


Break the sieges? What about the economic siege on Syria?