According to SANA, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) together with Tiger Forces continue to secure the exit of hundreds of civilians from terrorist held areas in Eastern Ghouta.

Last Saturday 24.04.2018, the towns of Saqba, Kafr Batna, and Hamouriyah were liberated. Syrian authorities immediately commenced attending health care needs and sending trucks with food supply to assist the immediate needs of the liberated population.

In addition, authorities also began an assessment of the damaged infrastructure to restore essential services and start reconstruction.

By Sunday a second batch of 81 buses begun the transfer of 5435 terrorists and their families from Jobar, Ein Tarma, Zamalka and Erbin to Idlib in north-west of Syria.

Last week 10 buses transferred 500 of Faylak Al-Rahman terrorists and their families from Harasta to Idlib. Some of the terrorists were released from prison, a deal that secured the release of 13 kidnapped Syrian soldiers. The SAA also secured the release of eight civilians who had been kidnapped and held hostage for over four years.

Also on Sunday, the Army secured another 1100 civilians, mainly women, children and elderly people, through Al-Wafideen safety corridor, while the Army took full control of Haza town.

Over 80% of Eastern Ghouta is now under Syrian Govt control. There were many moments of joy as liberated civilians reunited with family members outside East Ghouta. A SAA soldier shed torrents of tears as he reunited with his mother who he had not seen for seven years.

The City of Damascus is still in morning for the tens of civilians murdered by terrorists bombings last week. On Saturday evening another rocket hit the Faiha Sports Centre killing a young soccer player, Samir Massoud, an injuring at least six other.

The terrorist group Jaish al-Islam has decided to remain in Douma to continue terrorising and killing civilians, while in Afrin at least 170,000 civilians have been displaced by Turkey backed terrorists.

The SAA and Tiger Forces will continue their campaign of liberation of Eastern Ghouta and the rest of the country until every corner of Syria is free from terrorists and every imperial and neo-colonial invading force.