By Sahar Abdallah
Source: Muqawamist WordPress
Victory inches closer in eastern Aleppo as terrorist groups — excluding Noureddine al-Zinki and Jabhat al-Nusra, who have rejected talks — have reportedly begun negotiations with the Syrian Arab Army to secure their departure from the city.

If true, this will give our men control of several strategic districts and expedite the conclusion to the fight for Aleppo City we’ve all been waiting for.

Not a coincidence that as this development comes to light, Russia has announced it will begin talks with Washington aimed at « creating the conditions for the resolution of the Syrian crisis ».

Could it be that the American regime finally recognizes how badly it’s been defeated and will finally take Putin up on the offer of an exit door as its Wahhabi proxies collapse in Halab and elsewhere in Syria?

Only time will tell, but there is one thing that’s for certain: The Syrian people and their army’s steadfastness paved the way for this critical moment, as they remain unbroken nearly six years into this brutal « regime change » plot. Every bit of the impending triumph belongs to them.

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