Source: FarsNews
Over 1,000 militants in Mo’adhamiyeh in Southwestern Damascus officially ended fight against the Syrian government on Wednesday.

“Introductory steps have been taken for Over 1,000 militants to surrender to the government forces or evacuate the town of Mo’adhamiyeh today,” the sources said.

“While, government authorities in Mo’adhamiyeh said they are ready to go on with implementation of their agreement with the militants, those militants who do not want to join the peace agreement will be relocated to militant-held parts of Idlib,” they added.

“650-750 militants have registered their names to leave Mo’adhamiyeh and move to Idlib. At least 400 militants have laid down arms and have settled their files to remain in Mo’adhamiyeh,” the sources went on to say.

Informed sources in Western Ghouta said on Tuesday that preliminary steps were taken for the evacuation of the rebels from al-Mo’adhamiyeh, adding that the militants would be relocated to the militant-held parts of Idlib in the next few days.

“The reconciliation process in Damascus in on the right track, and those militants who do not want to surrender to the Syrian authorities will leave al-Mo’adhamiyeh alongside their family members,” the sources said.

“And those who lay down arms and turn in to Syrian government will be pardoned and their legal cases will be resolved immediately. In the meantime, state bodies will launch their activities in the town,” they added.