17th of February, 2015
By Leith Abou Fadel

Monday was filled with explosions all around Jobar, as the Syrian Arab Army’s 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard detonated the dilapidated Teachers’ Tower and Jissr Al-Mo’alameen inside the city.

The Teachers’ Tower was the 105th Brigade’s first target; it was detonated early on Monday, exposing a large tunnel belonging to the militant group “Jaysh Al-Sham” (Army of Islam). The video displaying the demolition of the tower was released by SANA and shared all over social media networks.

The Al-Mo’alameen Bridge (Jissr Al-Mo’alameen) in Jobar was also the victim of the 105th Brigade’s demolition team, as the latter detonated a bomb under the bridge when a Jaysh Al-Islam contingent was attempting to cross it – at least a dozen militants were killed during the explosion.

In the West Ghouta, the SAA – in cooperation with the National Defense Forces (NDF) – captured 4 building blocks in the city of Drousha, nearby the besieged Khan Al-Sheikh.