Source: FarsNews
At least 18 civilians were killed and over 50 others were wounded in Turkish air raids on al-Bab town and two villages in Northeastern Aleppo, Kurdish sources said.

Kurdish websites reported that Turkish warplanes bombed the two villages of Baza’a and Tadaf in Northeastern Aleppo and a part of al-Bab town, killing 18 civilians and wounding 50 others.

Also, Turkish warplanes bombed residential areas in the village of al-Tafri’eh near the town of al-Bab on Friday, leaving four villagers from a family dead and several more injured.

A large number of people were also killed in Turkish airstrikes in Aleppo on Thursday.

Media sources also reported that the Turkish army and its allies’ artillery attacks and airstrikes on al-Bab city and the two towns of Baza’a and Tadaf in Northeastern Aleppo killed 9 civilians and injured 57 others.