By Hazem Sabbagh
Source: SANA
Aleppo, SANA – Hundreds of people from Aleppo rushed to blood transfusion centers to donate blood for victims of the rocket attacks that had been carried out by Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups affiliated with it on residential areas in Aleppo city throughout the past few days.

A number of blood donors said that the tragic situation that Aleppo city has been suffering through for days prompted them to donate blood to save their brothers and sisters who are being injured by terrorist attacks, with the locals asserting their commitment to their beloved city in the face of the barbaric attacks targeting it and its people.

On Saturday, the death toll of terrorist rocket attacks on Aleppo rose to 25, with more than 80 others being injured, and on Friday the death toll was 16 and 41 were injured. This with the victims of the attacks on Thursday and Wednesday brings the total death toll of the terrorist attacks on the city during the past four days to over 80, while over 320 were injured.

On a relevant note, Tourism Minister Bishr Yazigi and Aleppo Governor Mohammad Marwan Olabi visited the families of a number of victims of the attacks and offered their condolences, in addition to visiting injured victims receiving treatment in al-Razi Hospital and Aleppo University Hospital.

They also inspected the buildings destroyed by terrorist attacks in al-Midan neighborhood in the city, where they witnessed the clearing of rubble and talked to locals and listened to their eyewitness accounts of the attacks.