Source: BGN News
Scandal erupts as CCTV stills taken in broad daylight from Turkey’s Akçakale border gate documents large materials, including explosives and construction pipes and plates, all passing into ISIL controlled area in Syria, while Turkish customs officials stand and watch.

Images captured from CCTV footage from the Turkey’s Akçakale border gate with Syria, located in Şanlıurfa province, shows material enough to fill up numerous trucks being pushed by people dolly after dolly through the border gate, heading for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) controlled regions in Syria, where they are weaponized by the militants. All the more scandalous, Turkish border security teams and customs officials are seen standing and watching.

The material includes metal plates weighing 400 to 500 kilograms which ISIL’s mounts on vehicles as armor, construction pipes used as barrels for firing mortars, and electric cables used in explosives.

The quantities being transported on a day to day basis are massive. Two trucks worth of fertilizer used in explosives, in addition to materials, such as electric cables and fuses, enough to fill a truck each, are passing through Turkey’s Akçakale border, heading for ISIL controlled parts of Syria on a day to day basis over two months.

CCTV footage from Akçakale border vs stock photos of ISIL militants

CCTV footage from the Akçakale border gate viewed together with stock photos featuring ISIL militants in combat illustrates how the materials are later weaponized by the militants.