Source: SANA
Damascus – Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi on Wednesday discussed with the Member of Russian Federation Council’s Defense and Security Committee Dmitry Sablin and the accompanying delegation means of boosting the bilateral relations in the economic, scientific and technical domains and the oil projects.

The two sides discussed means of cooperation in the fields of transportation and developing the Syrian ports and airports, rehabilitating the railway network, establishing power generating stations, constructing housing units and rehabilitating factories.

Cooperation in the ways of confronting the misleading media war campaign that is targeting Syria was also discussed during the meeting.

Al-Halqi clarified that the standing “strategic alliance” between the two countries and the Russian stance with the Syrian people in the international forums have contributed to upgrade the capability of resilience and prevent the hegemony of the unipolarism led by the USA and Israel on the international resolutions, causing the destruction of many states in the world to serve the interest of their companies, which export weapons and loot the resources of oil countries.

He pointed out that the close relations between the two countries encourage finding new perspectives to increase the volume of economic, trade and industrial cooperation, in addition to establishing joint investment projects.

He expressed the government’s keenness to establish investment and development projects in Syria, particularly in the stage of reconstruction.

Premier al-Halqi said that Syria today is achieving victories in combating terrorism, confronting it on behalf of the whole world. He also stressed the insistence of the Syrian people on making an inter-Syrian dialogue without foreign interference or dictations, voicing the role of the Russian leadership in this regard and its contribution to create a suitable ground for dialogue.

For their part, members of the delegation expressed appreciation of the Syrian people’s resilience against the universal war that is targeting them and the sacrifices they are providing to preserve the unity of the country, stressing their standing by the side of the Syrians.

Sablin renewed his country’s keenness on providing full support to the Syrians and boosting means of their steadfastness in the face of the unjust economic siege.
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