Hands Off Syria, Sydney, strongly condemns the US/UK/France Coalition bombing against Syria.

This war of aggression against Damascus occurred in the early hours of Saturday 14.04.2018 morning, Syrian time, and lasted almost two hours to punish the Syrian people for refusing to submit to regime change.

Hundreds of US missiles rained in the densely populated ancient city, many of its residents internally displaced civilians who sought refuge following the destruction of their homes by Western backed terrorists.

The people of Syria have endured seven years of a proxy war, a dirty war perpetrated by mercenary terrorists from all around the world funded, trained and armed by the US/NATO/Israel & Gulf monarchies.

Among those terrorists groups are Daesh/ISIS, al-Nusra, al-Qaeda in Syria, FSA, Jaish al-Islam and many more which have perpetrated grand scale destruction, torture and vile acts against the people of Syria.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allies have been liberating towns and cities which had been held hostage to Daesh and other terrorist groups.

In the last couple of weeks the SAA liberated all of East Ghouta, a town near Damascus, which saw the freedom of 400,000 civilians who had been kept hostage by terrorists for six years.

The US/UK/France bombing of Syria was unilateral, illegal under international law and a war crime.

The OPCW was given no time to investigate an alleged chemical attack which took place in Douma, and was blamed on the Syrian Government and used as an excuse to carry out the criminal bombing. This is a clear indication that these US/UK/France had no interest in the investigation and its outcome.

This criminal attack is a blatant Imperial aggression, a cowardly act which only demonstrates how vile these Western powers are, attacking a small nation which has suffered seven years a proxy dirty war and has endured many more years of sanctions.

Hands Off Syria joins the call by the Syrian-Australian Community for a protest/Vigil commencing at 6pm this coming Thursday 19 April 2018 in Martin Place, Sydney, outside the US Consulate.