1 May 2015
Source: Hands Off Syria!
Hands Off Syria salutes workers of the World on May Day for their heroic achievements over centuries of struggle, such as the right to unionise, reduced working hours and improved work safety.

Hands Off Syria condemns the war against Syrian workers’ achievements (including free health and education) by a parasitic global elite which lives off their blood, sweat, and labour.

Above all, HOS condemns the wars of imperialist aggression, wreaking destruction and untold suffering on the people of Syria and the region.

Washington and its closes collaborators (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel) have tried to undermine and destroy Syria, employing the most reactionary and sectarian forces on the planet. Their barbaric proxy wars arm psychopaths with no respect for human life.

Sectarian Islamist gangs – paid by the powers and in the name of a ‘colour revolution’ – want either ‘regime change’ or destruction of the nation, attacking hospitals, factories, infrastructure and schools.

Workers have been decapitated, thrown off buildings, cooked in ovens and tortured just because they engage in their day to day livelihoods.

The people of Syria today are fighting against these death-squads to defend their families, homes, cities, factories, hospitals and schools.

Join us to say: NO to War! NO to destruction! NO to attacks on Syria and Syrian workers! Workers of the World Unite!