Source: Syria Truths
The Syrian people’s resilience and embracing of their army and rallying around their leadership are the secret behind their victory and the friends and enemies should admit the bravery of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Cuban First Vice President, José Ventura said Saturday.

During his meeting with top Syrian official Hilal al-Hilal, Ventura added that the sacrifices which the Syrian people are offering for fighting terrorism is not only for defending Syria but for defending the whole world.

Cuban Vice President highly appreciated the heroism and sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army and its steadfastness in confronting the enemies of Syria.

Ventura voiced the Cuban people’s support to the Syrian people as the two peoples have experienced the unfair economic siege and sanctions and suffered due to the imperialistic conspiracy against them.

For his part, al-Hilal expressed the Syrian people’s will to continue fighting terrorism and defending Syria’s sovereignty and independence.

He said that the war led by the US and its allies and tools of the terrorist organizations on Syria has foiled despite of the ugly crimes targeting each inch in the country and the unfair economic sanctions due to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and army.

Earlier Saturday, Hilal told Cuban TV in an interview that Syrian people, army and leadership’s resilience for more than four years has foiled the schemes seeking for fragmenting the Syrian state.

Our people today are unified more than ever despite all falsification attempts and we are absolutely confident that we will triumph over the most heinous forms of terrorism and aggression in the world, al-Hilal said.

On a question on the political solution and the consultative meetings held recently in Moscow, al-Hilal clarified that Syria since the beginning of the crisis has called for dialogue among the Syrians to solve the crisis it has affirmed that the political solution is the only way to solve it, asserting that Russia and other friendly countries supported the Syrian demand, but the enemies of Syria continued their support, finance and arming the terrorist organizations for prolonging the war against the Syrian people in order to destroy and fragment it and kill its people.

The Assistant Regional Secretary General said that the so-called alliance against terrorism led by Washington is not serious in fighting it and If Washington and its allies were serious in combating terrorism they would have to coordinate with the Syrian government whose army is fighting this terrorism.

In a relevant context, al-Hilal reiterated, in a lecture addressed at the International Relations Institute in Havana, Syria’s commitment to the firm national and pan-Arab principles in facing all the colonial projects.

He stressed that the biggest beneficiary of the aggression on Syria is Israel which directly engaged in the war on Syria.

For his part, Director of the Research Center International Policy expressed high appreciation over the Syrian people steadfastness, voicing full solidarity with Syria in its battle against terrorism.

Al-Hilal, who is paying a visit to Cuba, held several meetings with senior Cuban officials and unionist and partisan figures.