Source: SANA

Damascus – Health Minister Nizar Yazigi met on Tuesday with the visiting Australian delegation, who were briefed on the situation of the health sector in Syria in light of the systematic terrorist attacks targeting its institutions and the unjust economic embargo imposed on it among many other vital sectors.

Priest David Smith, head of the delegation, that included activists, athletes and journalists, expressed admiration for the high morale of the Syrian youths he sensed during this visit to Syria, which is his fourth.

He considered that the health system in Syria is still strong, despite the severe toll the terrorist war has taken on it.

Minister Yazigi reviewed the grave damage caused to the health sector due to the terrorist attacks throughout the past five years, as up to 33 hospitals and 20 medicinal factories have gone out of service, in addition to 692 damaged medical centers.

He added that 202 personnel of the sector were killed, while 143 others were injured in terrorist attacks, pointing out that the unjust economic sanctions have left negative impact on the sector, pushing the Ministry to find new sources for securing medicines for critical diseases and vaccines through cooperation with friendly countries.

For their part, some members of the delegation clarified that they have been working in Australia on supporting Syria financially and morally through fundraising and contributing to efforts to lift the unjust economic sanctions.

The delegation offered to the Ministry of Health medicines and donations worth 10,000 dollars collected from the Syrian community in Australia and some Australian donators, highlighting the need of finding means to better communicate with the Health Ministry in the future.

They pointed out that they sensed the resilience of the Syrian people after visiting different areas, clarifying that they have come to the country to tell the world that Syria is not alone and that they want to convey the true image about Syria once they are back in Australia.

The delegation, who are on a visit to Syria between July 15 and 23, participated in a number of sports events and visited Damascus and Lattakia.

Rasha Milhem/H. Said