Source: Press TV
Press TV has conducted an interview with Ali al-Ahmed, director of the Institute for [Persian] Gulf Affairs (IGA) from Washington, on a long-awaited report by Human Rights Watch over the use of cluster bombs during the Saudi military aggression against Yemen.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: The use of cluster munitions has been reported throughout Saudi Arabia’s onslaught on Yemen, why is Human Rights Watch choosing to report on it now?

Ahmed: Cluster bomb usage [was reported] before, a few months ago, and also Amnesty International did the same. The problem is that these are human rights organizations with no power. We were looking for some people in the UN Security Council or in the International Criminal Court. These are the important people who should come forward and put a stop to the use of cluster bombs and bring those responsible to account. Unfortunately, the international community, the Western governments who are supporting the Saudi war on the Yemeni people, [are] allowing the Saudi monarchy to commit war crimes. That goes without doubt.

Press TV: Right now, Mr. al-Ahmed, it’s not only just about those who are using these munitions, it’s also about those who are supplying these munitions, the US is aware of what is happening in Yemen, it’s even helping the Saudi forces in choosing its targets. So, the US is in the dark just as much as Saudi Arabia when it comes to these human rights violations.

Ahmed: It’s true that since day one, since before the war was launched, American forces, British officers and American officers, were part of the operation; they planned, they provided logistics, they provided satellite and drone footage and information to the bombing campaign and they provided rescue and other logistical support. So, they are involved and they do admit to that role.

Press TV: The use of these internationally banned weapons on the part of Saudi Arabia, do you think it’s an indication of its desperation to get this aggression at some point where Saudi Arabia can say it has actually achieved something?

Ahmed: Well absolutely, they are using everything they can and they are ignoring the supposed international law, but again the problem with international law, it’s only applied on the weak not those who are protected by major powers like the United States.