Source: Press TV
The Iraqi Air Force has attacked the “operations room” of Daesh in neighboring Syria, killing several militants plotting to carry out a terrorist operation in Iraq in coming days, the Iraqi Interior Ministry has announced.

According to the Interior Ministry’s Security Media Center, the air raids completely destroyed a Daesh task force working on a plan to launch a terrorist attack inside the Iraqi territory and target civilians using suicide vests within the next few days.

Several terrorists were killed in the “successful” airstrikes carried out by the Iraqi F-16 fighter jets on Thursday, the ministry’s statement said.

The airstrikes came a month after the Iraqi artillery fire killed a Daesh ringleader and several other militants in an attack against the Takfiris’ positions in the Syrian border region of Sousa.

Since last year, the Iraqi military has been conducting air raids on Daesh positions in Syria with the approval of the Syrian government.

Baghdad has already announced it is working closely with the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to monitor and target terrorist positions.

Back in April, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced that his country’s security forces would chase down Daesh militants in the entire region, not just in Iraq.

The Iraqi airstrikes are reportedly launched based on the intelligence retrieved from the security coordination committee formed between Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Russia years ago.

Although Abadi declared his country’s final victory over Daesh in December 2017, the terrorist group is still operating sporadically in areas near the Syrian border as well as Iraq’s northeastern mountainous region.