By Afraa Dagher
Syria News
As the whole world participates in the global war against Syria, Syria’s President Bashar al Assad joined the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), for Ramadan iftar.

The world’s viewpoint against our president and our army is the same as the so-called ISIS terrorists who consider President al Assad their main enemy. ISIS terrorists call our president and our military “infidels.” Both the terrorists and the world leaders call the SAA “Assad’s troops.”

President Assad is the man who leads Syria’s civilization and secular community; the Syrian Arab Army belongs to all of Syria. Every one of them belongs to a Syrian family, has Syrian parents, has Syrian brothers and sisters, Syrian children, and Syrian blood.

This army is the protector of Syria. Some are Muslim, some Christians; it does not matter as they are all Syrian and sacrifice for the sovereignty and unity of their motherland.

Only days ago, in Washington, more than 50 State Department diplomats signed an internal memo sharply critical of the Obama administration’s policy in Syria, urging the United States to carry out military strikes against the government of President Bashar al Assad. Fifty-one State Department members asked their president to bomb our army, our army that defends us, in our own country!

Could we, as Syrians, ask our army to defend us and target NATO troops?

For sure, not. Justice is dead in such an imperialist world; consider the hypocritical contradiction of Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Aljubeir making the same demand to remove President Assad. You hear the statement, “Assad must go” for the “transitional government,” from every foreign side, but never from real Syrians — never from those Syrians who did not leave their homeland to be seized by terrorists, whatever their name might be, whether moderate rebels or in another phase, when they became ISIS. They are the same terrorist gangs, trained and financed by the US and its allies.

Thus, such as statement gets repeated by the west, Saudi, Turkey, or the GCC backed delegation, as the one called the Riyadh delegation.

We don’t need the Ankara delegation, the Syrians say.

The real Syrians are those who are in the front lines of war, who have been fighting for over five years till now, to protect Syria and the Syrian people.

The world is doing all of its efforts to destroy Syria, and to remove President Assad, and break the Syrian Arab Army.

What does a real leader do?

A real leader joins the heroic army that defends its people, its country, on the front lines.

Today is another blessed day of Ramadan; those who pretend to be Muslims of the Saudi monarchy should know that — but they are busy with their nonstop scandals of sexual assaults and bribery to be removed from the blacklist for their war crimes against civilians in Yemen.

Today is another blessed day of Ramadan. At this time, on Sunday evening 26/June/2016, President Assad participated with the brave Syrian Arab Army soldiers and the Syrian armed forces, their break fast — Iftar — after a long day of fasting.

President Assad sat on the ground with the Syrian soldiers. He is one of the Syrian Army. He is the leader who never leaves the battlefield.

He is the leader who never leaves the battlefield. He is on the front line of war, alongside the Syrian Arab Army, in the countryside of Damascus, east Ghouta, at the Marj al Sultan airport.

The US, France, and Germany, along with their local clients, the so-called Syrian Democracy forces and client YPG are busy in another front, in Aleppo, for another mission: Dividing Syria, and giving Syrian land to the separatist [Zio]Kurds, for breaking of the unified Syria.

Have you ever seen a president, who joins his people, and their army, sharing their food, their celebrations, in war times?

Our president is the only one, and he has done this before, as in Christmas time, and New Year time, one year ago: President Assad visits frontline Xmas

Our president recognizes that he is one with this people and army; yes, President Assad, you are in our eyes.

Toppling this great leader and his brothers in arms, the Syrian Arab Army, is not the willing of the Syrian people. It is the willing of the US and the Zionist entity Israel, and also most of the European countries, using the Saudi money, and the Turkish borders, for killing more and more Syrians, displacing them, starving them — all that by the name of “Democracy.”