Source: SyriaNews
Reports from a friend in Syria state that 23 people have been killed and 65 injured in a terrorist attack in Latakia. Four mortars fell at a bus stop outside Tishreen University, when many young university students were waiting to commute home after attending classes.

The attack with such a high casualty figure on the strategic city was unprecedented since a foreign-backed conflict began in Syria in March 2011.

Latakia, whose history dates back to the 4th century BCE, had been a safe city, so unscathed that it had been able to absorb thousands of internally displaced persons, escaping Western-led terrorism against the Syrian Arab Republic. Its inviolability was shattered, on 13 August, 2015, when a vehicle near the al Assad University Hospital was remotely detonated. Four days later, “moderate” mass murderers bombed the bus terminal, and numerous neighborhoods, with nine missiles. Another round of slaughter occurred 3 September, when Obama’s coward-moderate terrorists remotely blew up a van, filled with explosives, outside the Imad Ali School, in al Hamam Square, murdering 10, and injuring 25 (the death count reached 16); the empire’s BBC lead photo was of bombed vehicles, with the gleeful caption that “activists said it was the biggest car bomb…”.

These attacks come after major battles by the SAA and allies against ISIL and Jubat al Nusra terrorists which have seen scores of them dead and the retaking of Kwairis Air Base.