Source: SANA
Damascus countryside, SANA-Hundreds of families began streaming back to their homes in al-Husseinieh town in Damascus southern countryside.

The return marks the end of three years of compulsory displacement that was triggered by terrorist attacks on the town to which the army has recently restored security and stability.

The locals have recently started a phased return to the town, with the families of martyrs returning first.

Electricity Minister Imad Khamis, who has been to the town, told journalists that the power grid has been partly rehabilitated, revealing that a damage appraisal showed that the losses amounted to SYP 700 million.

The minister pledged that repair works to rehabilitate damaged infrastructure will continue apace in the town.

State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar said the services have been returned to al-Husseinieh town.

“The families of martyrs are to return first, then the army personnel, employees and workers…No one will be denied the return to his home,” the minister said as he indicated that the return of the locals will take place according to a plan that will spare them the troubles of waiting.

Haidar called on the families of those who took up arms against the Syrian state to have their legal status settled, indicating that the return of the locals to al-Husseinieh is an example that will be copied in other areas.

The families expressed appreciation for the army’s sacrifices that made it possible for them to return to their homes after three years of displacement.