Source: Fars News
The Syrian army and popular forces seized back 10 more districts, including 3,000 buildings, and a strategic hydro power station in the Eastern part of Aleppo city in the last 24 hours.

The government troops recaptured Soleiman al-Halabi Hydro Power Station and Sheikh Hazar district.

The Syrian army also took control of 10 more districts which included 3,000 buildings in the Eastern part of the city.

Meantime, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that 40 more terrorists in al-Qadesiya region of Eastern Aleppo have surrendered themselves to the government forces.

Meantime, thousands of civilians could manage to escape the militant-held neighborhoods in the Eastern part of Aleppo city and were hosted in the army-controlled regions.

More than 3,000 civilians, who had been taken hostage by terrorists in the Eastern districts of Aleppo, could flee these neighborhoods after more lands were captured by the government forces on Sunday.

The fleeing civilians were warmly hosted in army-controlled regions.

After the Syrian army and its allies intensified their operations in Eastern Aleppo, more civilians, who were used as human shields by the militants, could flee from the region.

On Sunday, 600 more civilians also managed to escape from the terrorist-controlled areas in Eastern Aleppo.

On Friday, a 23-member group of civilians left Eastern Aleppo. The group comprised of civilian residents of Hanano Housing Project district, mostly women and children. Hanano was captured by the army on Saturday afternoon.

Also, a sum of 10 civilians and seven militants managed to flee the Eastern districts of Aleppo on Tuesday, and reached a Syrian army post outside the city.

Moreover, the two families comprising 10 civilians escaped the terrorist-controlled areas via Hananou region last Sunday.

They disclosed that they had tried many times to exit Eastern Aleppo, but every time they were blocked by the terrorist groups, adding that the terrorists blocked civilians’ access to food and medicine to force them to join the militant groups as people were living in very difficult conditions.

They also stressed that the people in the terrorist-controlled areas cannot escape; “if they could no one would stay there”. “Militants have closed off all roads and corridors to the outside world to use people as human shields.”

A newly-released video also showed that a team of Syrian and Russian forces carried out a rescue operation to save two families fleeing from the Eastern districts of Aleppo city.

The video showed ten civilians who managed to leave the Eastern districts of Hananou, were rescued by the Russian and Syrian forces.

“Details of this operation are secrets due to security reasons. Terrorists are monitoring any moves even at night time and open fire at any detected target immediately,” a field source said.

“Although, one does not need to go a long distance to leave this regions (militant-held neighborhoods), but the large number of militants and their 24-hour-long guards have made any attempt to escape the city a dangerous move,” the source went on to say.

The Arabic service of RT said in a report that this operation was the first of a kind to rescue civilians in the Eastern districts of Aleppo, adding that a series of similar operation will be carried out to rescue more people from the Eastern parts of the city.