Source: Syria News
The Trump regime has increased its level of madness and showed its hatred against the Syrian people by unleashing its war machines and its war criminals on the residents of Aleppo and the town of Hajin in Deir Ezzor countryside.

107 civilians were rushed to hospitals in the city of Aleppo after US-sponsored terrorists shelled the residential districts of Aleppo with poisonous gas canisters fired from their hideouts in the city’s countryside.

The US and its allies sponsor the remnants of radical terrorist groups operating directly under the Turkish Army’s command in Aleppo’s north and northwest countryside.

The neighborhoods of Khalidiya, Nile Street and Zahraa Society in the city of Aleppo were the target of this crime against humanity yesterday (Saturday) evening.

Aleppo’s Police Chief General Issam Al-Shilli in a statement declared that the terrorist groups have targeted the residential neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo with explosive canisters filled with toxic gas which resulted in over 107 asphyxiations among the civilians, most of them are women and children.

The casualties were rushed to the al-Razi and the University Hospitals in the city for treatment from breathing difficulties coming from those explosives.

Early diagnosis indicates the substance used by the US-sponsored terrorists might be Chlorine Gas based on the symptoms, Director of Aleppo’s Health Department stated.

Syrian Arab Army units operating in the vicinity responded to the source of the attacks and inflicted heavy losses among the terrorists, local residents reported.

Local sources have revealed a few days ago that a number of French terrorists have arrived at the city of Idlib from Turkey to prepare missiles with toxic gases in order to use it against the Syrian people.

New US Massacre in Hajin
Simultaneously, the US-led coalition of rogue states committed their second massacre in 24 hours against the residents of Hajin town.

20 civilians were massacred by the recent bombing yesterday (Saturday) morning when fighter jets operating illegally against international law bombed a number of houses in the town of Hajin, east of Deir Ezzor near the Iraqi borders.

9 children and 8 women were among the Trump’s latest slaughter, which came within 24 hours from the previous bombing which resulted in an additional 11 civilians massacred by the US-led coalition, 3 of them were women and 5 were children against the Shafhfah town near Hajin.

The US bombing caused widespread destruction in houses and properties which might lead to further casualties which are still lying under the rubble.

Within this month, the US-led coalition has repeatedly bombed the towns in Deir Ezzor, east of Syria, especially Hajin and Shahfah, and killed dozens of civilians under the guise of fighting ISIS, while in reality all of the US operations in Syria was in support of ISIS against the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Army.