Source: Fars News
Militants began to withdraw from the small town of Qodsiyeh in Western Ghouta on Thursday after an agreement with the Syrian government and without a UN escort.

The Militants and their families started evacuating Qodsiyeh in the Northwestern parts of Damascus, according to an agreement with the Syrian army.

More than 17 buses were prepared to take out more than 100 gunmen from Qodsiyeh in addition to members of their families towards the city of Idlib.

Other reports suggested that the militants from al-Hamah are also evacuating the town which brings the number of evacuees to 640 gunmen in the two suburbs.

Thousands of civilians in Qodsiyeh had taken to the streets for several days in the past two weeks to urge militants to leave the town.

“Several thousands of civilians continued to rally against the deployment of anti-government fighters in Qodsiyeh,” sources said.

Sources in the peace committees in Qodsiyeh said last week that based on the agreement, “the terrorists who don’t intend to surrender their weapons would leave the town, while others who are willing to remain in the city and would lay down their arms would be pardoned”.

On Tuesday, over 200 militants in Qodsiyeh’s neighboring town of Elhameh ended fight against the Syrian army and the legal government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and tuned themselves in to the government authorities.

Reports said on Saturday that the Syrian army and its allies regained control of the strategic town of Elhameh in Western Ghouta of Damascus after several days of fierce clashes with the terrorist groups.

The government troops entered Elhameh town, accompanied by the local tribal leaders, and seized back control of the entire town.

The people of Elhameh had been staging protest rallies against the terrorist groups in the past few days, calling on them to lay down weapons or leave the town.

Meantime, the Russian defense ministry announced that the number of the towns and regions joining the national reconciliation plan in Syria has reached 739.