By Afraa Dagher
Source: SyriaNews
Our Syrian Arab Army is advancing to liberate all of Aleppo from the terrorists. The reaction of these terrorists, the western backed “moderate rebels” as usual is to shell missiles and mortars on civilians.

Yesterday, the moderate rebels added sniper fire to their mortars and missiles. They attacked the neighborhoods of al Hamadaneih and Salah al Din. These are more acts of revenge; the coward “rebels” attack civilians every time our army advances.

Yesterday a moderate sniper killed 9 year old Yousef in the western neighborhood in Aleppo, while he was on his way home from school. Moderate rebels killed the young boy Yousef, under the shameless silence of the msm. There were no White Helmets to report this, because it is a true incident. Moreover, there were no White Helmets to report this because they are busy shelling missiles on these kids in the western neighborhoods of Aleppo.

Four children were martyred at the sites of the moderate missile and mortar bombings and one adult. Twenty-five civilians were injured. Many are in critical condition. Among the children martyrs is 7 year old girl, Tasneem.

All of these kids were on their way home from school. Attacks on Aleppo are daily, by these monsters. The streets near schools are risky paths, as they are target zones.

While kids all over the world are enjoying their childhoods, our kids are in a real hell, every day, because of “American democracy”! What is the guilt of our children to be the targets of western-backed “rebels”? Syrian children pay a high price for American greed.

Yousef is a real victim, a real martyr. He will never go to school again, will never walk this street back to his home, again. A sniper bullet chose his small chest to be a target.