Source: nsnbc
The Russian Defense Ministry announced that Russia had struck 112 targets in Syria since the launch of Russian operations in Syria. Moscow to discuss coordination with Turkey and the United States.

On Wednesday the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had informed the Russian Presidency that Russian forces thus far had struck 112 targets in Syria. Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu informed President Vladimir Putin about the operations, reportedly saying:

“As of today, 112 targets were hit since September 30. .. The intensity of strikes is growing. Many targets were discovered in the past two days, command posts, ammunition and military hardware depots, militant training camps. All the targets were destroyed, no civilian facilities were damaged.”

Shoigu noted that the Russian Air Force had destroyed 19 command posts, 12 ammunition caches, 71 pieces of military hardware and six explosives manufacturing facilities. On Wednesday, he added, 23 aircraft continued striking militants’ positions. Russian naval forces in the Caspian Sea also deployed cruise missiles.

Following the recent episodes with Russian aircraft entering Turkish airspace, Moscow announced that Russia would coordinate its actions in Syria with Turkey and the United States. Meeting with President Putin, Shogiu noted that mutual help was necessary for making progress in the fight against Islamic State. The Russian Defense Minister informed the press that his Ministry established contacts with the Turkish Defense Ministry, saying:

“Today, direct contacts were established at the level of the Turkish Army’s Central Command and our National Defense Control Center, to ensure our work along Turkish borders in order to prevent incidents with crossing airspace borders.”

Shohiu also commented on contacts with the United States, saying: “We started discussing issues of joint work on ensuring security on this territory.”

CH/L – nsnbc 07.10.2015