By Miri Wood Source: SyriaNews
Colonialist and underling media used the occasion of International Women’s Day to try to insult Syrian women by engaging in criminal lies about their country, and by ignoring the voices of Syrian women. Not one report on International Women’s Day and Syrian women noted that they have had full suffrage since 7 years after the French occupiers were evacuated. They hold jobs. They receive equal pay for their work.

The Syrian Constitution states that if the President becomes incapacitated, the Vice President assumes the Presidency. Syrian Vice President, Najah al Attar, PhD (her father was a partisan who fought to eject the French occupiers).

Bouthaina Shaaban, Ph.D., is a senior advisor to President al Assad.

Syrian women flocked to the polls on election day, 3 June 2014. The same colonialist media attempting to insult them on International Women’s Day denigrated their votes by denigrating the election.

In their impotent attempts to insult Syrian women on the occasion of International Women’s Day, war pimping MSM claimed to have interviewed Syrian women living under occupation of foreign-owned terrorists in Eastern Ghouta. The interviews were so absurdly pathetic, one may wonder if the scripts were written by Heather Nauert. Reputedly, the lone concerns of these women were being liberated by the Syrian Arab Army; one allegedly spends her day engaged in the impossible, “teaching people how to react when struck by chemical weapons.” If actual Syrian women were interviewed, they were likely handed scripts, and threatened with being caged, and driven through the neighbor, like these women: Kidnapped Syrian women put into cages are not considered part of the #MeToo movement.

This is Hayat. After the liberation and reunification Aleppo, she spoke of life under the moderate rebels. It included torture, murder, starvation, organ theft, imprisonment. She showed her hand, gnarled and burnt. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, no western or Gulfies reporter attempted to interview her.

Nor did anyone contact Souria Habib Ali, to inquire how she manages to survive after burying six of her children.

The most skanky of fake reporting on International Women’s Day and Syrian women, came from Middle East Eye. This source is the illicit offspring of the incestuous merger of The Guardian and al Jazeera. Jazeera, owned by the terror-sponsoring dirty gas station toilet, Qatar, has a history of violence against Syrian women. It was involved in massacres in Lattakia countryside in 2013, and the kidnapping of hundreds of women and their children. MEE claimed that upwards of 10,000 women were taking buses to the Syrian border, in [fake] solidarity with 400,000 non-existent women in Syrian jails. MEE noted that its extraordinary data (including more than doubling the distance to the Syrian border) was provided by the [woman-less] Turkish NGO, IHH. It did not mention that IHH has engaged in terrorist activities in the SAR. Also omitted from its report on the occasion of International Women’s Day is that most of the 350,000 foreign terrorists to invade Syria have come through the Turkish border.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, none of the media criminal liars attempted to speak with Syrian women who survived the al Rashin massacre on 15 April 2017. In the mayhem, many children were kidnapped, believed to have been taken to Turkey.

Military service in the SAR is compulsory for men. Since the beginning of the terrorist war against the SAR, thousands of women have volunteered to defend their homeland against invading foreigners.

Mervat Sa’ad was the first woman soldier martyred while defending her country against the terrorists supported by the media on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Ninety-percent Muslim, the Syrian Arab Republic has always been secular. This photograph, 1964, shows Syrian Christian women commemorating Virgin Mary Month, in a Muslim-majority neighborhood in Aleppo.

This photograph of Syrian women, Christian and Muslim, shows shared grief upon hearing of the martyrdom of Sheikh Muhammed al Bouti. He was murdered with dozens of others in mosque, by moderate opposition forces.

Syrian women are journalists. Yara Abbas was embedded with the Syrian Arab Army when she was killed by sniper fire in May 2013.

The following are some photographs of Syrian women and Syrian girls who were not here to celebrate International Women’s Day, because they were killed in terrorist bombings by the moderate opposition.

Sisters MarahKhadour and Batool Khador were among 24 massacred in twin moderate suicide bombings in Homs, 26 January 2015.

Sidra Ahmed was among 10 massacred on 2 September 2015, when a van filled with explosives was remotely detonated outside the Imad Ali school in Lattakia.

On 1 January, 9-year-old Sham Abji was kidnapped from her grandparents home. She was raped, suffocated, and her body was thrown into the water. In Syria, the crime of rape is punishable by death.

One girl and one woman were among 9 Syrians slaughtered in Bab Touma, 23 January, by “legitimate armed opposition” terrorists of Ghouta, supported by slime mold msm on the occasion of International Women’s Day, and every day. The besieged terrorists chose after school to launch their mortars and missiles.

Astonishing as it may seem, adult Syrian women dress themselves. The exception to such adult-like behavior, is when Syrian women are under [besieged] terrorist occupation; then their collective wardrobe is dictated to them.

The Syrian women kidnapped from Lattakia with the help of al Jazeera terrorists, had their clothing dictated (note how they fumble with head coverings in the interview with a woman forced to thank her kidnappers).

When the survivors were finally released in exchange for imprisoned alQaeda terrorists, these women were in niqab.

On the more than dozen occasions when CNN’s Clarissa Ward of Death illegally entered Syria to embed herself with takfiri her sense of style was dramatically changed.

CNN’s Arwa Damon was forced to pile on the fabric, when she illegally entered the SAR, to meet with terrorists occupying Idlib.

In August 2011 — during the early days of the foreign invasion of Syria, when all the moderate terrorists were members of the FSA — Syrian television journalist, Yara Al Saleh was kidnapped along with her crew, some of whom were murdered. Her clothing then became dictated. Her tormentors demanded that the government negotiate with a terrorist in Saudi occupied Arabia.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, British Prime Minister Theresa May spent one million taxpayer pounds to welcome Saudi tyrant bin Salman — the savage who funds rapists, kidnappers, and murderers of Syrian women, and who continues the genocidal bombing campaign against Yemen.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, pustulant msm has cheered violence against Syrian women.

Ya rab, may International Women’s Day 2018 see Syrian women free again, and every inch of Syria liberated.