Shame on American aggression! On the morning of April 7, 2017, US forces from their ships in the eastern Mediterranean launched a massive missile strike at a Syrian military post.
This attack is a new step in the American imperialist aggression against our homeland Syria, which was preceded by the landing of American military units in the north-east of our country without any accepted justification in international law.

This aggression is an embodiment of the general approach adopted by American imperialism in the attack on the sovereignty of states and the freedom of peoples, and which takes the form of permanent expansionism. This aggressive step comes in the context of imperialist and Zionist policy aimed at the depletion and division of Syria, which is a steadfast fortress in the face of total colonial domination over the Eastern Mediterranean and the Arab world in general. The blatant American aggression against Syria dispels all illusions about the possibility of neutralizing America. American imperialism is the basic enemy of the freedom of peoples, including our Syrian people. America is the largest international terrorist in the world.

The Syrian Communist Party calls upon the masses of our proud people to close ranks more and more in the face of the imperialist aggression and to provide all support to our brave national army in its fierce battle against the aggressors and their accomplices from terrorist gangs. The Syrian Communist Party goes to the world progressive public opinion, to all the progressive and democratic forces, to the free world, in a call to denounce the American imperialist aggression on Syria and to increase their solidarity with the Syrian national resistance that contributes effectively to the struggle of global liberation forces against imperialism.

Long live the Syrian national resistance!
Syria will not kneel!

Damascus, April 7, 2017
Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Syrian Communist Party (Bakdash).